Thanks for your interest in being a part of Scarborough Maine’s Buy Local movement! There are loads of opportunities to support Scarborough’s local organizations – just remember that every time you shop at a local store or support a local charity, you’re helping to sustain what makes Scarborough such a great place to live.  Beyond that please consider:

Becoming a member: More than 150 members strong and growing, being a Scarborough Buy Local member shows everyone around you how much you believe in this movement.

Being a volunteer: Even if you can only spare a few hours a month, as a volunteer organization your help is critical. If you are interested please email:

Supporting us on Social Media:  On average Mainer’s spend up to 3 or more hours a day on Social Media. People are tweeting all of the time when they are at Starbucks or at the Mall, why not tweet us a photo of you at Scarborough Grounds? @ScarboroughBuyLocal

Come to our events:  Meet other people who are committed to the same ideals and sharing ideas and thoughts is the surest way to grow the movement.  Bring some friends along!

2018 Annual Scarborough Buy Local Meeting

Board Members

Jesse Fowler - Scarborough Buy Local Board
Jesse Fowler
Tracey St. John - Scarborough Buy Local Board
Tracey St. John
Vice President
Leroy Crocket - Scarborough Buy Local Board
Leroy Crocket
Vice President
Magdalena Slawiec - Scarborough Buy Local Board
Magdalena Slawiec
Catherine Morrison - Scarborough Buy Local Board
Catherine Morrison
Membership Coordinator
Meghan Field - Scarborough Buy Local Board
Meghan Field
Amanda Huebner
Amanda Huebner
Dick Boardman - Scarborough Buy Local Board
Dick Boardman
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